× Wolves Scream – Brothers ×

VideoMai 06 20141 Comment

You know sometimes when you’re snowed under with work and you have absolutely no free time? Then you got a phone call asking you to make something cool at the last minute and you can’t refuse it. That’s exactly what happened with this small videoclip I made for the brilliant Wolves Scream post-hardcore band.



I’m going to release a new music video for them in a few days for the release of their new EP called Hurricane (which is f*cking amazing!), shot before Brothers. They just thought « Well, one videoclip isn’t enough, we want a new one, we’re broke, no money’s left, we don’t have any time to do it, but let’s make it ». Funny enough, I accepted. Took my Nikon D800, some of my Zeiss Prime lenses, put it on my shoulder and shot these funny screaming guys in a small basement that looks like an old ship. With the help of my buddy Paolo the trick was done! Cheers to him!

As if it wasn’t enough, it needed to be release less than a week after the shoot. Many thanks to Adobe Premiere Pro CC that helped me saves precious time! The last version of this NLE software is absolutely stunning! I can’t imagine having worked with anything else for this job.

× Shooting Tip × : The clip was entirely shot with my Nikon D800 and Carl Zeiss Planar/Distagon High Speed Prime lenses. I used 5600K light bulbs and shot it in a cooler WB (Flaat_11) because I knew I would heavily grade the shots and the H.264 (4:2:0) files don’t really like it. So I tried to give the look I wanted directly on set. I chose to shoot it ISO100 and underexpose it a stop to create a really dark stormy atmosphere.

I’ve also made some motion graphic for them. Check out Honest Heart.