× Waves Of Paranoïa × Teaser ×

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One of my favorite work is to produce video clips. I only accept to work with music that can move me. I want to connect with the band/music before doing anything for/with them. I want to feel something. This is how I work and I was very pleased to be contact by the friends of Waves Of Paranoïa to shoot them during the recording session of the new Useless Expectation track.

They know how I work, and they chose me as much as I chose them. It can be a little bit pretentious but believe me, I need to act this way if I want to end with something good. I hate the work that I do. I find it shitty. But they seemed to like it.

Here’s the first « Recording Studio Teaser » I made for them. Add to that, we’ll be shooting the video clip on May the 9th which promises to be really good.

× Shooting Tip × : The teaser was entirely shot with my Nikon D800 and Carl Zeiss Planar/Distagon High Speed Prime lenses. The band wanted a BW video. I graded it and convert it in BW in post which was the good choice. The light was really low (ISO 800) so I tried the flaat_10 profile instead of the flaat_11 because I knew the DR wouldn’t be 11 stops at that sensitivity and it would be too noisy