× Quentin Descotte – Weary Soul ×

When I was a kid, I used my camera to release all of my emotions. Every single shot was a part of myself. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t fully comprehensible, but it was me and I was happy. I wanted to learn how to do it better so I chose to join an expensive renowned film school. Then I’ve lost myself. They tried to learn me how to do their cinema, not mine. They disgusted me of doing what I loved. Everything was technical, tasteless, annoying. At least for me. Such a waste of time.

From that time, 3 years ago, I’m struggling to find myself again. I am on the right path as I can really see my footprint my spirit in the 2 videoclips I made for Wolves Scream and Waves Of Paranoïa. The road is long but I’ll do it. I’ll make the cinema I want to do. I feel it and I’ll release what’s inside of me.

Here’s a combination of shots from these 2 videoclips that proves me that I’m on the right direction.



× Shooting Tip × :
Everything inside this video was shot with the Sony FS700 at 4K. With my favorites Carl Zeiss Primes. Everything quickly edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and graded with SpeedGrade CC.

× Quentin ×