× Prelude ×

× What is it all about? ×

Welcome to my world

I’ll be honest with you. I was looking for a new way to express myself, talking about what I feel, share my work , my passions , my thoughts.

In these pages, I’ll talk about some aspects of my current work and more. The main subjects are Cinematography, Photography, Radio , Fashion and in a way it all goes into Psychology. You'll be browsing my universe, my release, my imagination.

× Something more ×

I’ll share with you my experiences and expertise, speack up about issues I care about and listen to you. I ant you to tell me what you feel about it.

I’m a french native speaker and I really want to learn and practice English. That's why I chose to write this blog in English. If you see some mistakes I would ask you to correct me!

Il est cependant possible, en fonction de mes envies, d'écrire des articles, de partager des photos, des travaux, en français. Je prendrai le temps de développer avec vous certains aspects de mon univers. Bonne visite.