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× Quentin Descotte – Weary Soul ×

When I was a kid, I used my camera to release all of my emotions. Every single shot was a part of myself. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t fully comprehensible, but it was me and I was happy. I wanted to learn how to do it better so I chose to join an expensive renowned film school. Then I’ve lost myself. They tried to learn me ...

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× Shooting  4K – Sony FS700 + Carl Zeiss ×

× Shooting 4K – Sony FS700 + Carl Zeiss ×

Opening a new category : Diary. You’ll find here short updates/thoughts about what I’m doing/feeling. What I want to share with you. My night will be long tonight as I am shooting a new video clip for Waves Of Paranoïa. I won’t say I’m not stressed up as I am experimenting some new artistic shots with fire. But ...

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